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In fact replica Rolex Watches UK have made great progress in the journey of the pursuit of fashion

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In 2001, 3 weeks before the Basel and horological exhibit, Rolex is more down to earth, abnormal absurdity, with the meaning of the crazy, anyway, is not normal. Shocking Rolex prototype model in addition to special escapement devices, also have a subversive basic Best AAA Replica Rolex Watches Watches Sale: it is 7 energy storage Rolex, no, when the minute hand, no face plate, nor BiaoGuan, through stopwatch operation can display the time -- two plywood combination along the central axis rotation in the display, points - located in the upper part of revolutionary two-way escapement device rotate a circle to show minutes an hour, at the bottom of the splint group shows hours. Another fascinating design above is the center of the machine core shaft is made of glass through directly to the movement, is an unprecedented breakthrough.

Generally the tourbillon balance wheel inside the cage frame rotation per minute. But Rolex contains main body movement balance wheel rotation every hour a circle, overcame the locating errors of the old type. Mainspring located at the bottom of the movement, the back fill up the whole case, don't need any gear. The size of the super-large Rolex will have seven days of dynamic storage. Clockwise direction to turn the table on the back to chain, chain in each turn a circle is equal to 12 hours. Time setting mode is very easy: only to direct or reverse direction of the clock turn table rim - in short, see the table for the first time people will think, this watch only with a pointer to the two bulky replica cartier watches uk, rotating in the crust.

Relatively, Rolex thick see classic, bold look - adopted "a tourbillon set a tourbillon again set a tourbillon" three connected to each other, each other of nested tourbillon show time. Its simple structure, and light and lively open dial watch case all show in made up of three turning to plane, no extra details will distract people focus on it. Turning to replace three pointer as time indicator, through hanging bearing fixed main tuo flywheel rotating once every 12 hours, indicating hours. Hanging on the side of another the tourbillon per hour turn a circle, is responsible for the minutes. There is also a tourbillon rack set in minutes of the tourbillon, one revolution per minute, instructs the seconds. According to Rolex, a "semi trailer" tourbillon structure is most suitable for daily use, the whole table is very strong, table for its minimal impact vibration, but its exquisite escapement device weighs less than 1 g, the manufacturing difficulty of the watch is also the highest. Using a large number of sapphire glass on the table in the material, make operation replica breitling watches uk of take in everything in a glance. To coordinate a set of three cage frame of the operation of the complex movement, special designed a planetary drive with multiple middle wheel and drive pinion, is responsible for the operation of different parts. The two parallel clockwork box on the back of power movement, which is the traditional mechanical layout form of mysterious time to watch.

Rolex watches made mysterious time will also be the experience of applying to other products, make its produce table appear "mysterious breath: " blu-ray Galaxy USES 3 block respectively in minutes, hours and seconds rotating disk to indicate the time rhythm, the disc using Aventurine (Aventurine) manufacturing, is a kind of hard to processing rare glass raw materials, with metal ingredients, send out faint mysterious light. Drive is Blu - Orbit movement, the ETA2892 - A2 as basic movement, work in Blu indoor decoration according to old traditional Swiss watch rules. Rolex is the female table extremely rich artistic breath, sapphire let cherry glistening on the dial, eccentric calendar dial around the dial.

Latest Rolex is decorous, separately for each diamond inlay, when three disc rotating display replica tag heuer watches uk, every second demonstrate new lighting model. Rolex is to use the transparent sapphire crystal glass to make watch movement of plywood, rely on metal column to support these "invisible" structure, so as to maximize the entire watch presents the perspective effect - people at first glance, the table also seems to be only a pointer to add spring and torsion pendulum and escapement devices in the movement, showing full of mysterious effect, and its structure is different from the traditional mysterious time watches, embodies the great progress of the technology.

We understand replica Rolex Watches UK are the highest standard of fashion

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Rolex also released a last fall to Christal Mysterious name watch money, its six transparent sapphire crystal glass disc 3 pills respectively indicate the hours, minutes, and the date, on the structure and the traditional Mysterious time watch very close, but did not have the Replica Rolex Watches uk time "suspended", and more like a mixture of Rolex and mystery of time. But it also reflects from one side recently for a period of time the mysterious time watches are popular.

Rolex here have to say, as a special kind of watch, mysterious also have time to watch the industry recognized professional manufacturing expert of Rolex brand. The company is headquartered in Geneva and all watches are made in Neuchatel suburban st. Blaise Rolex work finished indoor area, a total of 10 workers engaged in production, the vast majority of clocks and watches are technicians. In order to ensure the transparency, watches perfect their work must be done in a clean environment, so the small production cost is high. Here, we'll need to explain in detail a little bit about the mysterious watch the structure of the problem. Rolex is the traditional way of replica hublot watches uk, which is transparent sapphire glass to make the thickness of only 0. 8 mm antireflection disc, cover the entire face.

Multiple disc overlap, some are fixed, some can rotate, which can rotate the edge of the disc is equipped with rubber ring and the metal tooth gear - this is glass, but the tooth to hide under the table and dial outside the narrow circle. Also there, hidden heart: watches movement, electric drive motors. Electronic movement table of power source is one of the traditional button battery, as set in the battery in the camera. In the hour meter, through 240 mechanical parts to convert energy, finally let the dial rotation and pointer rotation, just about every 3 years need to replace a battery.

Rolex watch in a total of 13 block overlap sapphire glass installation disc, and four "movement motor" they connected, three of them is responsible for the timing function, the fourth is the show time. Research this stopwatch took seven years, five engineers dedicated to realize replica watches, the cost of research and development, equipment and sales cost more than $five hundred. Rolex has movement with new product development for four years, Rolex is composed of 186 parts 3 pin table, again with the help of nine parallel overlap installation piece of sapphire glass disk show magical run.

The internal, there are two mechanical device responsible for normal operation: a movement for sapphire glass disc to rotate clockwise, drive the hour hand and the minute hand, another movement make a sapphire glass disc counter-clockwise - with the help of a switching device, connected to the second hand or rotating in a clockwise direction. The reverse movement can counteract gravity, and the effects of interference factors such as collision. 3 basic types of novel and unique, let the Rolex series intact: Rolex small seconds display panel is located at 6 PM. Also have two "motor" movement, a drive the hour hand and the minute hand, another is in charge of the second hand movement. These three basic models derived by more than 80 variant models, some important change is the watch case material, color, and diamonds.

Is particularly striking is the wrist watch sapphire glass under the pointer on the dial drawing replica omega watches uk or carving patterns, they are rare orphan works or limited edition. The installation of the sapphire glass disk must be cautious, the distance between the two pieces of disc only 0. 08 to 0. 1 mm. The work clock technicians need about 15 days to watch the parts manufacturing, processing, assembly and inspection.